Rules for Participation


1 Understanding
Driving is always on the road. On the sidewalk, the skaters have nothing to look!

2 Folder
The folders are volunteers who ensure your safety and the smooth running of the event. To avoid accidents and other incidents, the instructions of our folders and the police must be complied with immediately. Folder as the agent of the Organiser shall be entitled participants who do not abide by the rules to be excluded from the event, in an emergency, this is caused by the support of the police. The folders are an absolute requirement for this event. If there are not enough folders available, we reserve the right to cancel the event. Will you support us and ride as a folder, so please report to us Phone 03 51-48 48 794

3 Police
The police are authorized to stop the Dresden Nachtskaten, stop, or change the route if required by traffic safety or other circumstances.

4 Liability
The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any damage to persons or property objects. Participation is at your own risk. By entering, each entrant confirms to understand and comply with this rule.

5 Protective equipment
Even if you think you ride safely. The next skater next to you may not do that! Therefore, we strongly recommend you protective gear to prevent injuries. Knee, elbow and wrist guards and a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury in a fall.

6 Visibility
Despite securing the visibility distance is very important, so it would be beneficial readily visible to wear reflective clothing. We also recommend a flashlight for unlit sections of the track.

7 In the street
Please ride not only go into the shared folders of the police and road sides and please oncoming traffic. On multi-lane roads is always the right lane to use. At intersections, Sammmelpunkten and break places you should be careful not to obstruct the traffic behind. To bandwagon you should please keep at least 5m distance and attachments or refrain from putting on the trailer.

8 Hazards
such as railways, road damage, fallen skater etc should be indicated by a show of hands. Skaters should raise both hands in the air, it means a hazardous location or a stop. ! There is special attention required!

9 Downhill
Who want to be on the move more slowly as unsafe driver or skaters should keep to the right in order to speed skaters are not hindered and to prevent accidents. Inexperienced skaters can turn to the folder at any time, they help you down the mountain.

10th Special maneuvers
Zigzag and backwards, slalom, etc. are forbidden at the Dresden Nachtskaten because it can quickly lead to serious accidents and falls due to sudden evasive maneuvers.

11th Accidents
First, it should be secured to the rear to allow not go into another skater in the blast site. If possible, the run course will exit and wait for the companion of the medical service, and that if necessary, make the initial medical transport to the hospital. Physically exhausted riders and skaters who can not follow the sporting event (by blowing, abrasions u.ä) must leave the event and continue your way home alone on the sidewalk or to the launch site. (For all the injured participant is: Please wait on the right side of the road!)

12th Organizer
Organizer of the Friends of Dresden Dresden Nachtskatens skate eV represented by the Executive Board. The organizer is obliged and entitled to exclude event participants with unique gross or repeated other breaches of the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, the rules for participation of the Dresden Nachtskatens and orders of the police or of the terms and conditions of the event permit immediately from further participation in the event. Exercise this right on behalf and on behalf of the organizer of the folder.

As of 02.04.2013

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