Do I have to pay something? Participation in the entire Verantaltung is free, but we appreciate any donation in our donation box!

What if something happens to me? The organizer (Foundation skate Dresden eV) accepts no liability for damage to persons or property. The team of the DRC’s accompanied the entire event and is by injuries and falls quickly to the site!

Where is the start and finish place? Skatepark Lingnerallee (01069).

From when is the meeting? From 20 clock there are actions Gastro and sound for you on the court.

What if I do not own skates? You can watch rented skates at our skate rental, more information at helper / team.

How it looks with protective gear? We recommend everyone to wear wrist guards, elbow and knee pads and a helmet! These are also available for loan!

You want to be part of the team? Then talk the folders and employees on the court or Sign Up directly with us by email or phone.

Where can I learn the routes to be taken? Every night from Friday to Saturday, the track is set for next Friday after the event online! Also, you can find the next track as well as Saturday night on our Facebook page

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