Children Night Skating

Eight children skating 2013

Friday 7th June / 5 July / 2 August 2013

In the period 17-20 clock

Lingnerallee / Halfpipe / Large garden

At 3 event dates will take place the eight children skating at the skate park Lingnerallee for all children in and around Dresden. Like your course you can bring your parents 😉

In addition to the application of the event through the communication channels of the Dresden Nachtskatens we will actively invite children from kindergartens, schools, clubs, orphanages and other social institutions for children eight skating!

The event is free for all.

What is planned?

Start and finish place – On skate park Lingnerallee

Inline Skate School Dresden Kate organizes taster courses in the skate @ School project, in which one learns the first steps on inline skates, and case exercises. For all children who do not have their own skates, a skate rental is available on this day.

With the support of some partners and sponsors, we would like to make a colorful games fun afternoon. Mobile game, Gros game devices (eg giant maze, scooters, 4 wins), bouncy castle, climbing wall with care, Balloon Clown, Wheel of Fortune and many others Attractions are planned.

The company Phon copy with DJ Burki and his music mobile will lead to a varied program and musical entertainment, as well as moderating the event.

Catering services will naturally be child-friendly and moderately priced.

On the route

Led by mobile music, just like the „big“ night skating, skating rolls the eight children from the launch site toward Large garden and crossed it to the well-maintained trails. Length of the route will be approximately 3 km, a reasonable distance. The pace will be low and also the youngest to come so easily. The police locked down the streets of the small, the rescue service accompanied the whole thing, so that all arrive safely again. On one day, namely on 5 July, we take the kids even proper roads, the civil meadow and park road, as a small highlight for an unforgettable day.

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