8. Februar 2018

What is new in 2018 – where to get up to date information

Dear Skaters,

in 2018 we will pay some attention to our English website as well. There are a few problems to be solved yet, that is why here and there you will find outdated information on the English part of our website.

For current, up to date information please see the German page, especially on the left hand side under „Strecken & Dates“ (Tracks and Dates) where you will soon see the night skating events for 2018 listed, alongside the maps showing the tracks that the event will take through Dresden.

If you have any other requests or remarks, please do contact us via direct message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/nachtskaten) or send us an E-Mail via info[at]nachtskaten-dresden.de.

See you in the streets of Dresden!

Your Dresden skate club
(Förderverein Dresden skatet e. V.)

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